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Plumeria Swimwear
Hoaka Swimwear
ViX (VixSwim) by Paula Hermanny
Gooseberry Seaside
Fox Swimwear (Whitefoxboutique)
Elsa & Rose
London Beach Swim
Boho Soul Bikinis
Gypsea Swimwear
Pintarena Swimwear
Waikini Swim
SWM by Lioness
Gabbi Swimwear
Lsea Swimwear
Nazar Swimwear
OneOne Swimwear
Beginning Boutique Swimwear
ReelSkipper Swimwear


Sundays the Label
Lounge Underwear
Evaliah & Grace
Reelskipper Clothing


Grand Isle Hotel & Resort
Four Seasons Bora Bora
Katikies Santorini


Exuma Water Sports
The Swimming Pigs
Trans Island Airways
Ma Sheila Fishing team
Flying Fish Charters
John Watlings Rum & Red Turtle Vodka

21 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi Alina, I love your pics πŸ’œ especially your different bikinis!!! I have a question which size is the “watermalon bikini” (or the plumaria swimwear bikinis)?? I truely can’t decide between S or M!! Please write an e-mail back, i need your help!! πŸ˜• (my instagr. page: janinchen_biienchen)

    1. Hi! Thank you for your feedback! I’m thinking of adding a section to my blog dedicated to swimwear review and I would list the sizes, etc.! I will probably add it in the next few months πŸ™‚ But for now, my Plumeria swimwear is all size small top and bottoms! And the watermelon bikini is made by Montce swim and I got size small in both top and bottom as well. I love that bikini! Thanks again xo

    1. Hi! Our friends at Exuma Water Sports (main tour group that goes to the pig island near Great Exuma) bring them water twice a day (morning and afternoon) during their visits with the tours, and even brings them all the leftover food from the luxury Sandals resort for them to eat! They also bring over the island vet whenever there are any health issues. They are quite spoiled! πŸ™‚ Even during the recent hurricane when it was too dangerous for the tours to go out, they (Exuma Water Sports) went out to them to bring them water/food! Thanks for the question! xo

      1. Wow, that’s nice of them. I’m wondering where exactly the second pig island (45 minutes from George Town) is? Can’t seem to find it… Thanks for great posts about the Bahamas, going there in a week! πŸ™‚

        1. Hi again! The pig island closest to Great Exuma (George Town) is on a small private island not far from the north tip of Great Exuma island. It’s not labelled on google maps, I don’t believe. The “original” pig island is a small island next to Staniel Cay called Big Majors Cay. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Alina!

    Do you mind if I privately email you for some suggestions?! Ps- Were from
    Ottawa πŸ˜‰
    Is Sept really hurricane season or are we safe to go mid/end of the month?!
    We’ve been to Turks and Caicos numerous times and we can’t get enough. We always rent a villa or private condo and love doing it that way!… But This is our next destination just from following your blog! I feel like this is US to a Tee! It looks just as stunning! How would you compare the two islands?!
    Do you mind sending me your home away/VRBO links?! Of where you’ve rented private condos/homes from?! I’m not sure if you remember all of them but that way I can browse them! It would be so much easier if I have the direct links and it would save me a ton of time πŸ™‚ 🌷🌷

    1. Hi Dina! I really enjoyed turks and caicos and I will be making a post soon about how I would compare it to Exuma! Great to hear you are looking into visiting Exuma! It is hurricane season in September, the weather is a little iffy until November time. You may get lucky and have good weather but it’s not as likely as going Feb-May. As for villas, it really depends what you are looking for in terms of bedrooms, location, etc. There are quite a few villas available on Homeaway/VRBO but if you put in your dates and how big you need it, it does narrow it down quite a bit. Thanks for the comment πŸ™‚ Alina

  3. Hi Alina I mite be mistaking but am sure i saw u in Exuma Market today . Nice photos i follow you on ig . I wish i could travel as much as u . Lol nice pictsπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

  4. Hey Alina,
    I’m planning a trip to Great Exuma soon, and just wondering about the hotels in town. I’d like to be in that location, and I’m cool with just OK, but my Mrs. wants a nice bathroom. Do any of them meet that standard? If not, then I’m thinking about Grand Isle. Your suggestions would be very helpful.
    Thanks! And I’m following you on Instagram- very fun!
    Rich (fleetvan)

    1. Hi Rich! Thanks for thinking of me when planning your trip to Exuma! You will love it there. Based on what you said about what your wife is looking for, I would definitely recommend Grand Isle. Nothing else really compares to the high standards there, unless you rent a house. All the hotels closer to town are pretty dated and don’t compare at all to Grand Isle. Also, from staying at Grand Isle about 2-3 times before, the bathrooms in all the GI villas are huge and amazing! Thanks again and have a great trip!

  5. Alina, thanks for your speedy response!
    That’s great advice – Thank you. I made it to Highbourne Cay on the boat last year and just fell in love with the Exumas and its incredible water! Now I need MORE!!!

    1. Highbourne Cay is really nice! Checked it out last November, they’ve done a great job developing it. Hopefully will get a chance to go back there soon! And if that’s the furthest south you’ve gone in the Exuma chain, you haven’t seen much (if at all!) of Exuma yet! Good luck with the planning and enjoy!

  6. Hey Alina

    I have a couple of vacation homes on little exuma and am working on plans for a high end boutique resort there next. I have a group renting both houses next week for a swim suite co photo shoot. I hoping Irma doesn’t make that imposible. I came Down to prepare for hurricane and looks like I am stranded here till after she leaves. Would be great to connect with you. I am always looking for help with promting my homes and the Exuma’s. Link to one of my homes below.

  7. Hello

    We are also from Toronto and want to travel to the Bahamas but want to spend time on the smaller islands. We have read your info but have so many questions and we don’t think there is anybody better then you to ask then yourself. Seeing that you are a seasoned traveler to these islands. Hoping when your back in Toronto you can email us or give us a call.

    Thanks in advance

    Tim 416-453-2820
    Donna 416-725-3967

  8. Hello there Alina, just stumbled upon your most awesome website and WOW, VERY impressed with who I lay eyes on, you are off the charts gorgeous, VERY pretty awesomely stunningly gorgeous lady Alina, hope all is well with you, take care and stay safe

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