Alina’s Bikini Shopping Guide

Do you have an upcoming vacation that you need some new cute bikinis for? I’m here to help!

I will admit I have become bikini-obsessed over the past few years. Through this, I’ve learned about many brands and can share my knowledge and experience with you!

I’ve made a list of my favourite online stores to buy swimwear below. In the future, I will add brand specific posts on which sizes I wore and any other tips I can think of! Hope it helps and enjoy kini hunting!

Favourite online stores:

  • Plumeria Swimwear
    • True to size
    • Good promos (advertised via instagram)
    • Shipping to Canada $20 (free over $150)
  • The Girl and the Water
    • Online store that sells variety of big brands (ie. Acacia swimwear, etc),
    • Most designer swimwear runs a bit on the smaller side but depends on brand,
    • Usually has a promo going on (shown on top banner of their website)
    • Shipping to Canada is free over $300, or else $15
  • Vida Soleil
    • Another store that sells many big brands
    • During holidays has great promos
    • Dhipping to Canada $18.95
  • Largo Drive
    • Lots of popular brands, big store and wide selection
    • Shipping to Canada $5.95 per order plus $0.50 per item
  • Triangl Swimwear
    • Triangl has become a staple in the swimwear shopping world, only available to buy from their own online store
    • Great customer service, quick shipping
    • Remember though, there is a 100% chance expect to pay customs fees when receiving parcel (usually around $30 for a $100 bikini)
  • Ishine365
    • Great site with a good selection of popular big brands
    • Shipping to Canada $15
  • GypsyBeach
    • Boutique online store with some great brands
    • Shipping to Canada $12 (free over $250)
  • Bikini Luxe
    • Another boutique store with good brands
    • Shipping to Canada ~$10
  • Still & Sea
    • boutique online store with a variety of the popular brands
    • Shipping to Canada ~$26 (free over $200)
  • WhitefoxBoutique (Fox Swimwear)
    • Newly launched Fox Swimwear has very soft materials and good quality
    • Shipping to Canada is free if purchasing over $175AUD, or $15AUD below that amount (1AUD roughly is 1CAD exchange)
  • Society Bikini
    • boutique store with good brands
    • Shipping to Canada $25 (free over $250)
  • Shopbop
    • Large store with variety of clothing including swimwear
    • They have it up to 70% off discounted items including swimwear
    • Free standard shipping to Canada any amount
  • Revolve
    • Another large store like Shopbop with lots of clothing and brands
    • Free standard shipping to Canada any amount
  • Kiini
    • These famous crochet bikinis have become really popular – I always gets tons of comments and compliments whenever I wear mine! (But expensive for a swimsuit!)

Each of these stores and brands has their own instagram account as well, which helps to go to get style ideas and general fit info.




PS. If you guys have anything to add to my list, leave it in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Alina’s Bikini Shopping Guide

  1. Hi there,

    When purchasing from Plumeria and shipping to Canads, did you have any customs or duty fees? If so, roughly how much compared to the cost of your order?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. I’m from canada and I ordered a bikini from plumeria a month a ago. My order total was $47 american/$67 canadian and it took a whole month to get here! They took forever to process the order and actually ship it. On top of that I have to pay $35 in duties 🙁 I’ve been online shopping for years and never had to pay taxes or duties so when the delivery guy said it’s 35 I didn’t have any cash and they don’t accept debit so now I have to bus to another city just to pay more money and get this bikini! Wish I read the reviews before buying… hope the bikinis will actually be good

  2. Hi, blog is very informative regarding summer wear. Summer is the time for women to look hot and sexy. Women can wear bikini to make their looks hot. Your blog helps women to know how to choose right kind of bikini. Keep sharing informative information like this

  3. When ordering from Whitefox boutique to Canada, did you have to pay any additional fees or duties/customs upon receiving the package?

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