Kamalame Cay, Andros, Bahamas

If you want to experience the definition of “island chic”, I found just the place. A true out-island feel, but with everything you need to be comfortable with the standards of an urban 5-star hotel. Privacy, beautiful beaches, clear water, lush palm trees, lots of rosé wine and great food, and only methods of transportation are golf buggies and beach bicycles.


Kamalame Cay is a small island just west of Nassau, New Providence, and is considered part of the greater Andros island. To get to Kamalame, you can go by boat or by plane. The most popular way is to fly from Nassau, but you can go from Miami/Fort Lauderdale area as well.

  • If you are flying in, you can fly on a small plane to Fresh Creek, Andros (about a 15 minute flight from Nassau) and take a taxi about 30 minutes to a spot where Kamalame Cay staff will pick you up on their boat a few minutes ride from the hotel. More information on airlines and costs you can click here.
  • You can take a private seaplane that arrives right to the resort (Tropic Ocean).
  • You can also take a boat right to Kamalame as they have their own marina, which is about an hour east from Nassau.
Kamalame Cay is located just a 15 minute flight west of Nassau, flights are also possible from Miami/Fort Lauderdale
Coolest looking bikes at Kamalame!


  • The rooms of Kamalame are private secluded beachside villas.
  • You will receive a complimentary golf buggy to use during your stay to get to and from your room and the main areas.
  • The rooms walk out directly to the beach and have private hammocks and lounge chairs at your disposal.
  • Large soaker tubs with showers, large windows and doors, and breakfast baskets delivered to your door every morning are also a few things to expect!
  • There are also privately owned homes on the property that you can rent. If you love the place after you visit, you can build your own house there!
  • The villa I stayed in is called “Cocoplum” which is a cottage suite room.
A typical backyard view of a Kamalame villa
View of the beach from the bed!
Outdoor view of the back of the villa from the beach
Unique washroom with large soaker tub and shower
View of the bed and seating area from the french doors
Can’t get enough of the backyard view!
More of the backyard! 🙂

The Famous Kamalame Cay Luncheons

  • One Saturday every month between October to May, Kamalame hosts a large-table lunch and cocktail party. They set everything up on the beach in front of the main area of the hotel and feels like right out of a movie. Great for special events, birthdays, etc.
  • The capacity is between 60-80 people and serves a set menu and lots of wine! Many people come together as groups from Nassau for these lunches and leave in the early evening, or stay overnight.
  • The cost of this lunch is $150usd+VAT (7.5%) per person and includes all food and drinks.  Click here for more info.
Beautiful table setup for large group lunch
Beachside table setting for 80 please!
Great lunch atmosphere
Rosé is always a good idea


  • Spa: Kamalame has the only over-water spa in the Bahamas. Feeling like you are in Bora Bora or on a boat, you can get a massage with open floor-to-ceiling windows that open up to the beautiful turquoise Bahamian sea. There is even a window in the floor under the massage table, so you can look out for dolphins and sealife while receiving one of the best massages you will ever experience!
  • Fishing: There is a bonefishing around the hotel and they can pick you up right from the hotel’s dock/marina. Ask the front desk about arranging an outing
  • Beaches: You can take the golf cart up to the northernmost point of the island if you want to go to a very calm and secluded beach! Or you can just step out from your villa to the long beach of the hotel.
  • Pool: A large freshwater pool is located in the main area of the hotel. Bring over a glass of rosé and enjoy a quiet relaxing day poolside.
  • Diving: The “Tongue of the Ocean” is located between Andros and New Providence (Nassau). It is a deep oceanic trench and is known to be a great scuba diving spot. There is a PADI certified dive instructor on site at the hotel you can plan a dive with!
  • Snorkelling: The hotel can also arrange a boat to take you out to some snorkel spots near the hotel.


  • In 2016, Travel & Leisure named Kamalame Cay ‘Best Hotel in The Bahamas, Caribbean, and Bermuda’
  • The hotel is family-owned and members of the family live on property and are generally always there, running it and making sure everything is perfect! If you are lucky to meet them during your stay or at one of their lunches you will understand why the hotel is so well cared for!
  • Warning about the golf buggies – they have no keys or way to lock so they may be taken by other guests, and you will have to use someone else’s! Don’t worry though, the staff at the hotel know this and it does not matter if you return a different golf buggy than the one you received.
  • If you want to attend one of the big Kamalame luncheons, you should book it in advance as they sell out!
  • The property is 96 acres and can host up to 70 guests.
  • If you plan to go by boat to the hotel, ask about depths of the marina and channel. During low tide it can get very shallow and may be too shallow for larger vessels.
  • There is a “Guest of House” option when you book your stay. This means all the food and drinks are included in the price (the big luncheons are exempt from this, you have to book those separately).
  • Poolside at Kamalame (Half of the pool pictured)
    Amazing floor to ceiling windows in the massage room at the spa
    Window in the floor of the spa, so you can look down during your massage

In Summary…

I can’t wait to go back! My first stay was for a weekend in August during the BREEF Charity lunch event, and I had an amazing time and met several interesting people. In a lucky event, I won a game of “Fish or Tails” that BREEF put on and won a couple of free nights stay in the future! Needless to say, I am looking forward to being back soon!


Main method of transportation at Kamalame – cute golf buggies
The calm and shallow north end beach of Kamalame Cay


Fried chicken at the restaurant of Kamalame
Seared tuna dish
Great place to enjoy a glass of wine, also a large sea urchin shell I found while snorkelling around the hotel property
Fresh conch salad – my favourite!
Delicious hogfish!
Great breakfast!
Some sushi!
Amazing shrimp skewers!
The small boat that takes you to the main dock when you depart/arrive
Departing gifts!
The plane we took to and from Nassau to get to Andros


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