Kahari Resort (Formerly Lumina Point Resort), Exuma, Bahamas

Updated January 2020


Kahari Resort (formerly Lumina Point Resort) is right by Great Exuma and the island the hotel is on, Stocking Island, is known for the famous for Chat’n’Chill Beach Bar and Grill. Before Lumina Point opened in late 2016, there weren’t any eco-friendly, private, high end, boutique hotels on offer to stay at on or near Great Exuma. After a few years as Lumina, they sold it and the end of 2019 and it is has been renamed Kahari Resort. My original post was during my stays at Lumina (and not as Kahari) so please take note that some things may have changed. After checking online, the rooms look the same and not many changes so this blog can still be helpful!


  • Kahari/Lumina Point is located near Great Exuma, Bahamas. For more information on how to reach the Exumas, please see my Exuma blog post here.
    • Flying in: If you fly to George Town, Great Exuma, you will need to take a taxi to the Government Dock which is located downtown in George Town, about a 20 minute ride from the airport. From this dock, Lumina Point staff and boat will pick you up and bring you to the hotel (this service is included in your stay, but must be pre-arranged).
    • Boating in: If you are coming by boat, the hotel is located on Stocking Island and the main dock has access through the bay side (named Turtle Bay). You pass by Chat’n’Chill bar and enter the no wake zone, and then turn right and keep going all the way to the very end.
This shows all of Great Exuma island, spreading from the northwest to southeast points. Kahari/Lumina Point is located on Stocking Island which is a smaller island next to the middle of Great Exuma.
Closer up, you can see downtown George Town (main city of Great Exuma), with Kahari/Lumina Point across Elizabeth Harbour, near Chat’n’Chill beach bar

The Rooms

  • Rooms are all separate villas that are built as sets. They feel like you are in a separate villa since they are staggered, but made in twos in case you need two that are attached (for families, etc).
  • They are built in a eco-friendly manner, with “boat style” washroom systems, solar energy, and wooden construction.
  • The interior design is very nautical theme and even feels like you are on a (nice and comfortable) boat, which I personally love!


  • Boating: I would highly recommend renting a boat for at least a portion of your stay! We were originally going to book with Minn’s Watersports, which I thought was the only boat rental company in Great Exuma, but they no longer allow you to keep the boat at the Kahari/Lumina dock (you have to return the boat everyday at 5pm, which is annoying because you have to get the hotel to pick you up from the other side of the harbour each time, etc). The front desk at Kahari/Lumina have a good relationship with Dwight Brice (Beach Away Tours, 242-524-3001) who rents out boats and allows you to keep them at the Kahari/Lumina dock overnight. His boats are also way newer and in way better condition, but they do cost more for the convenience of being able to keep it overnight. You can also do tours with him as well.
  • Snorkelling/Diving: The only PADI certified dive centre in Great Exuma is Dive Exuma. They can also do snorkel excursions!
  • Bonefishing: For a great bonefishing outing, you must go with “Bonefish Drex”! I went with him during my stay and I will never forget that morning! My first time and I caught a 10+ pound bonefish all on my own! Thanks Drex!
  • Chat’n’Chill Beach Bar: The most famous beach bar around Great Exuma. Weekly pig roast event every Sunday. There is a conch salad bar right on the beach also, and you can feed the local wild (and friendly) stingrays right on the beach in front.
  • Spa: There is a spa at the hotel, where you can do all the usual spa services and you can even get massages on the beach!
  • Exploring: Once you arrive at Kahari/Lumina, they will give you a drawn out map of Stocking Island with many paths to hike across and explore the island. There is so much to do on the island you don’t even need a boat to see different beaches and beautiful lookouts.
Main beach of Lumina Point resort. Many chaise lounge chairs, and several in shaded areas available as well
Kahari/Lumina Point pool for guests. Great spot but you will most likely want to be at the beach most of the time!
Our boat rental from Dwight!


  • Kahari/Lumina Point Resort has one main restaurant for breakfast/dinner, and one outdoor patio area for lunch. The food is great and features most popular Bahamian/American dishes, but the menu doesn’t change. So if you stay for more then a few nights, you may get tired of the menu.
  • Nearby restaurants include:
    • Chat’n’Chill and St Francis Resort which are both on stocking island
    • Rusty Anchor on February Point property on Great Exuma Island is very good, but you need to get across the harbour to get to it. Open for lunch and dinner. Make sure to make a reservation if you plan to come in for dinner!
    • Many other restaurants are available on Great Exuma island, just depending how far you want to go. EYC, Driftwood Cafe, Augusta Bay, Latitides at Exuma Beach Resort, Splash Bar & Grill at Hideaways, and the Grand Isle hotel restaurant Palapa Grill (far away) are all decent options if you are looking for variety.
      Some cocktails at the outdoor bar at Lumina
      Cracked conch as an appetizer
      Yummy Bahamian lobster
      Breakfast fruit plate
      Bahamian grouper!
      The main indoor restaurant/bar
      Outdoor restaurant/bar overlooking Elizabeth Harbour
      Outdoor restaurant/bar at Kahari/Lumina
      Outdoor lunch spot at Kahari/Lumina

A Great Eco-Hotel Option Exuma!

Before staying at Kahari/Lumina, I was a bit nervous about staying at a hotel that wasn’t on the main island, Great Exuma. Not being able to drive around and being on a much smaller island would be a new experience compared every other time I’ve stayed on Great Exuma (either at Grand Isle or renting different houses). To my surprise it ended up being a great decision and a whole new experience! There is a lot to do Stocking Island itself than I thought, and you can walk to almost all of the spots. Around the hotel there is a lot to do, if you just want to stay close and relax. If you need to get to the main island for any reason, the hotel staff can take you on the complimentary hotel boat back and forth anytime you need. And of course, if you rent a boat it is the best decision you will make! Being able to dock right at the hotel and go out on the water first thing every morning was an awesome experience. Also, being at an eco-friendly hotel brings good karma, right?

Enjoying the sunset after an amazing day at Kahari/Lumina Point
View of part of the hotel when you walk from the dock
More views around the property
Lush paths from the villas to main areas/dock
Boat dock! Will be back soon!



3 thoughts on “Kahari Resort (Formerly Lumina Point Resort), Exuma, Bahamas

  1. Hi. I was on IG searching for Excuma resorts and came across your photos then your blog. Have you ever stayed on Excuma island? Or is the name of the isaland in Excuma called Stocking? We are traveling with 3 kids between ages 9-12. So
    Looking forward to your reply.

    1. Hi! I usually stay on Great Exuma (main hotels there are Grand Isle and Sandals), but staying on Stocking Island right next to Great Exuma is a great option too (hotel there is Lumina Point). I have blog posts on Grand Isle and Lumina Point on my website! With kids I would recommend the Sandals or Grand Isle, depending if you want All Inclusive or not. Hope that helps!

  2. I will try this out when we can. I always stay at Grand Isle. You need to try Tiamo on Andros and Abaco Club On Winding Bay. I love Drex, we fly fish together often.


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